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Julie Robbins

Head of Inclusion & Diversity
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What Julie says
Julie joined Youth Sport Trust in 2010 as one of our Development Managers where she was responsible for understanding the barriers that stop young people getting involved in school sport. Julie led the research, development, piloting and evaluation of innovative solutions and interventions.

During her time at the Trust Julie has held several different roles all with a focus on wellbeing and inclusion. More recently she was appointed as Head of Inclusion and Diversity where she is responsible for ensuring our programmes, projects and initiatives are inclusive and offer equality of opportunity. Julie is passionate about diversity and inclusion and is Chair of our Equality and Diversity Groups which are responsible for ensuring diversity, equality of opportunity and inclusion are at the centre of everything we do at YST. The Equality and Diversity Group is currently working towards the Equality in Sport Standards.
What opportunities has YST given you to grow and develop?
Every Day is a Learning Day working for Youth Sport Trust.

Youth Sport Trust has given me so many opportunities to grow and develop over the last eight years. Just the fact that you are working alongside talented and knowledgeable peers provides amazing continuous professional development as well the opportunities there are to participate in formal training, such as the YST Leadership Programme.
What do you enjoy about working at YST?
Answering this question is easy – the opportunity to work every day with such positive individuals who care. I also enjoy the variety and complexity of the work; it provides continuous challenge but that also bring its rewards in relation to job satisfaction.

No-one says development work and driving change is easy but when you make a positive difference to people’s lives, all the hard work is worth it.
What has been your favourite moment at YST?
This is hard as there are so many. I do hold very close to my heart the day an experienced member of the PE staff from one of our lead inclusion schools told me that something I said to him had impacted him so much that it had fundamentally changed the way he has worked over the last few years; - it reminds me that the small things (those we may do every day) can make a lasting difference.