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Hazel Williamson

Development Manager - Scotland
Hazel Williamson Picture
What Hazel says
Hazel has worked for YST for 11 years as Development Manager for Scotland. Her role focuses on building relationships with schools in Scotland, promoting the mission and vision of YST and encouraging school engagement and participation in YST programmes and projects.

Since May 2019, Hazel is also our Youth Board Coordinator where she is in regular communication with our Youth Board Chair and the other members of the Youth Board as well as key liaison between the Youth Board and YST
What opportunities has YST given you to grow and develop?
Over fifteen years ago the Youth Sport Trust introduced me to the concept of facilitated learning (learning through doing) and the importance of a core set of values. This has shaped my working life, opened the door to achieve positive relationships, establish strong partnerships and has been at the core of how I have developed as a person. It has become a way of life and cascades into everything I do. Examples of how this has been put into practice and allowed me to continue to grow and develop in my professional life are: training and delivery of many national and international programmes to adults and young people; building and sustaining partnerships which develop local programmes into national gamechangers which have changed young people’s lives; mentoring and supporting young people in their leadership journey so they are now professionals making an impact on other young people; more recently the opportunity to take on the responsibility for the YST Youth Board.
What do you enjoy about working at YST?
I enjoy working at YST because we are encouraged to work creatively and imaginatively. The culture is inspiring because the people who work within it believe in achieving the mission of the organisation.
What has been your favourite moment at YST?
Favourite moments come to mind for different reasons, for example working on many camps or residential events like the school games. These experiences are my favourite because you get to know the YST staff team better and, although a tiring and sometimes tough working environment, these camps bring the best out in all staff, creating a special relationship which cannot be achieved in the day to day working environment. Over the years, camps have been held in pretty awesome places, including London 2012 Olympic Park BEFORE the Olympics had come to town.